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Want to come work with us?


What we hold dear here at Tillery Time Counseling:

  • Provide opportunities for staff to co-create balance between work, self, and continued professional growth.

  • Sustain an environment that is supportive for growth of clinicians and clients alike.

  • Strive to empower clients to gain and/or strengthen their own voice.

  • Support innovative techniques rooted in therapeutic relationship and research.

  • Work towards personal and professional expansion that increases the betterment of all living beings.

  • Maintain growth even when change might be challenging.

  • Recruit clinicians who bring a sound understanding for human empathy and a desire for cultivation and innovation.

  • Learn through a curiosity lens.

  • Work collaboratively with clients and other support networks to optimize supportive connections.

  • Engage each clinician’s lived experience to create a diversity of approaches to care for each other and for clients.

If you are interested in joining us please email your resume to with your inquiry.

What to know


Abby Young, LSCSW, ACHT offers clinical supervision. She uses a mindfulness approach all the therapeutic modalities she uses. She encourages clinicians to find their therapeutic approach through supporting the clinical process and learning techniques. Abby uses reflective supervision while adhering to the requirements of the Kansas BSRB. She is trained in and uses EMDR, hypnotherapy, CBT, mindfulness, energy psychology, and somatic-informed interventions. She primarily works with individual adults.

She has taught at the University of Kansas and has experience in medical social work, case management, inpatient settings, community mental health, crisis intervention, and social work student mentorship. 

One of her favorite things to say is, "being a therapist will change you, if you let it." She is passionate about working with individuals helping them learn their own clinical identity. If you are seeking clinical supervision as an LMSW, you can email Abby.

Clinical Supervision

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