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Abby Young  LSCSW, ACHT

Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist


I completed my master in social work degree May 2011. I am a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW). I completed a multi-year intensive training at The Wellness Institute to become an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHT).


I can be found outside walking/running/riding my bike, working on some self-created project, and exploring my next learning opportunity. I enjoy helping people connect back to themselves, Earth, and positive relationships.


My belief and focus of my work balances on the idea you have your own inner strength and wisdom. It is through life events we become disconnected, increasing our discomfort in life. Reconnecting helps each one of us feel grounded and a part of the whole.


I am constantly learning of ways to keep this practice and belief working for myself, so I can share with others. I primarily work with adult individuals and offer a few groups through out the year. A majority of the trainings I attend are experiential, meaning I get to know the process not just from a therapist lens, but also from a human lens.


For me, sessions are working with you ~ not for you: a team effort. Your participation is crucial and my showing up with compassionate boundaries and mindfulness is just as critical. The journey can be curvy and hilly, so keep in mind sticking to one step at a time keeps you moving when the terrain feels rough.

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