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The Grief Journey

More About My Upcoming Full Day Workshop...

In Partnership with Melissa at A Yogi Kitchen

Cost: Cost is $275. If you register by Friday, May 6th,  you will receive a $50 discount. Different types of payment plans are available starting as low as $46 per month.



Welcome to the journey:

Grief is an experience each of us tries to avoid, and we can be somewhat successful with the avoidance for a period of time. Then it slowly creeps up; the sadness and the feeling of loss climb to the top where you are forced to recognize it.

This is what we will be working with during the all-day workshop, The Grief Journey. Grief enters our lives in so many different ways: death, job loss, relationship loss, loss of the childhood that could have been, and many others. This workshop gives you a safe space to work in a healing manner to honor your grief story.

Melissa and I work together in helping you connect your mind with your body. This is an important step as our bodies have memories just as our brain does, so to address one without the other can leave an imbalance of your own process. Often, symptoms of loss can look like confusion of not knowing what to do next and then oscillating to the other side of the spectrum with having so much to do so you don’t have to feel it.

Help yourself to experience the whole part of the loss so you can release what holds you back in your grief journey. You can expect to experience a group hypnotherapy session, yoga therapy throughout the day, and art therapy when words just can’t get at the emotional pain.

We will make sure you leave with tools to help you continue your journey in the ongoing healing and processing of your loss.

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